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Photos of Feock and Kea

The village of Feock is now idyllic. It used to be extremely poor.

The house that was once the New Inn.

The church at Feock has a detached tower at the top of the churchyard. My grandparents are buried at the top of a new expansion to the first expansion of the burial ground. Other Greens from earlier generations are buried in the first expansion.

The facade of Trelissick House.

Outbuildings at Trelissick that my grandfather might have known well.

The church at Cookham in Berkshire where my Greswell grandmother was christened and (probably) married.

Gildridge Manor, the Manor House in Eastbourne where Louisa Greswell looked after Honor Davies-Gilbert.

The King Harry Ferry below Trelissick House. My mother was born in a cottage a couple of hundred yards up the hill.

Killiow House in Kea

The wall around the kitchen garden at Killiow where my grandfather worked.

A cottage at Killiow that might have been the one where my mother grew up.

The stableyard at Porthgwidden where my grandfather worked during and after the war.

The Punchbowl Inn kept by my great-uncle Edward Green, where Granddad went drinking from Killiow.

Loe Beach, where I first saw the sea (well, it looked like the sea, it's really the estuary of the Fal River). The first times we went there, there were still the rusty remains of the iron barriers set up to frustrate invading Germans in 1940.

Kea Church, where my mother used to worship happily as a child, where she was married and where my parents' ashes rest just off the photo to the left. Little Edward Green's grave is out of sight on the far right.