The Teague families living in Grampound in the 19th Century

By the end of the 19th century, the number of Teague families living in Grampound looks bewildering.
Yet in fact they can easily be found to belong to several generations of a very small set of families, essentially only 2.

The Census returns provide a fairly reliable picture of each family living in the same house.
The first Census in 1841 did not always record ages very exactly, it seems, and did not ask the town / village of birth.

Family 1

John Teague was the first son of (my direct ancestors) William and Elizabeth (Lorey) Teague who married in 1762. John was baptised at Creed June 20 1762 and died 25 February 1853.

John Teague & Ann Pardew
(born 1773, died 18 March 1848) they were married at Creed in 1792.

Their children:
Mary Ann Teague Baptised at Creed September 4 1794 - buried in 1820 (Married Robert Teague from family 3 in 1817)
James Teague Baptised February 5 1797
Thomas Pentecost Teague born February 2nd, baptised March 3rd 1799, buried January 3, 1866 at Creed.
John Teague born June 28 and baptised at Creed July 24 1803 

This is my direct family line.
Family 2a

William Teague was the last son of (my direct ancestors) William and Elizabeth (Lorey) Teague who married in 1762. William was baptised on 1 January 1775.

William Teague married Elizabeth How at Probus on 11 January 1794.
Elizabeth died in 1851 at the age of 80 and is buried at Creed.
Their children were:
James TEAGUE b 1794
John TEAGUE b 1796
William TEAGUE bap 23 Jan 1798 (+1799?)
Ann TEAGUE b 1800. Married William Anderson
William TEAGUE 1804
Richard TEAGUE b 1805
Philly/Phillipa TEAGUE b 1808
Maria TEAGUE b 1810
Family 2b

William Teague was the last son of (my direct ancestors) William and Elizabeth (Lorey) Teague who married in 1762. William was baptised on 1 January 1775.

William Teague married Elizabeth How at Probus on 11 January 1794.
Elizabeth died in 1851 at the age of 80 and is buried at Creed.

The John Teague below was baptised at Creed o
n 24 Apr 1796, the second son of William and Elizabeth (How) Teague.
Family 3

Descended from another branch  of the Teague line.

[Teague Resources]
Robert Teague was born c. 1739 and was buried in Probus on 22 February 1827, "aged 88 yrs." He married  Mary Beel on 15 January 1764 at St Ewe.
Their children were:
James TEAGUE (1764) St Stephens
Robert TEAGUE (1767) Creed
John TEAGUE (1772) Probus
Thomas TEAGUE (1775) Probus
Elizabeth TEAGUE (1777) Probus
James TEAGUE (1780) Probus
Mary TEAGUE (1784) Probus

Their son John Teague was baptised in Probus on 18 October 1772.  John Teague married  Ann Bray on 2 Jan 1796 at Creed. The daughter of John and Ann, born in 1802, Ann Teague, married my ancestor Henry P Teague from family 1.

Robert Teague (1767) married: Mary CROWLE, 1792 Tywardreath, Cornwall
Their children:
Richard Crowle TEAGUE 1793
Robert TEAGUE 1795-1869
William TEAGUE 1798
Mary TEAGUE 1803
Rebecca TEAGUE 1808

Their son Robert (1793) married Mary Ann Teague (daughter of John & Ann (Pardew) Teague, family 1) at Creed 29 July 1817. They had 2 children before she died in 1820.

Census records
Census records Census records Census records

(1) Thomas Pentecost Teague, son of John & Ann

Born 1799 Thomas Teague,40,,Black Smith,,
,,Catherine Teague,,30,,In county,
,,William Teague,14,,,In county,
,,Mary Teague,,10,,In county,
,,Charles Teague,7,,,In county,
,,James Teague,3,,,In county,

Thomas P Teague, Head, M,52,,Blacksmith Master, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,Catherine Teague, Wife,M,,46,, Probus Cornwall,,
,,Mary Teague,Dau,U,,20, Farm House Servant, Probus Cornwall,,
,,Charles Teague,Son,U,18,,Blacksmith, Probus Cornwall,,
,,Ann Teague,Dau,U,,16,,Grampound Cornwall,,
,,Samuel Teague,Son,,9,,Scholar, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,Catherine Teague,Dau,,,6,, Grampound Cornwall,,

Thomas P Teague, Head, M,62, ,Blacksmith, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Samuel Teague, Son,U,18,, Blacksmith, Grampound  Cornwall,,
,,,Catherine Teague, Dau,U,,16, Dressmaker (Ap) ,Grampound Cornwall,,

(2) John, last son of John and Ann Teague,
brother of Thomas Pentecost Teague

Born 1803 John Teague,35,,Agricultural Labourer,
,,Jane Teague,,35,,In county,
,,Henry Teague,12,,,In county,
,,Mary Teague,,10,,In county,
,,Ambrose Teague,8,,,In county,
,,Charles Teague,5,,,In county,
,,Edmund Teague,3,,,In county,
,,James Teague,1,,,In county, (See below)

John Teague, Head, M,47, ,Land Drainer, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,Jane Teague, Wife,M,,48,, Probus Cornwall,,
,,Henry Teague, Son,U,21,, Land Drainer, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,Mary Ann Teague, Dau,U,,20,, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,Ambrose Teague, Son,U,18,, Farm Labourer, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,Edmund Teague,Son,,13,,Miller's Boy, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,James Teague, Son,,11,, Miller's Boy, Grampound Cornwall,, (See below)
,,Josiah Teague,Son,, 9,, Scholar Grampound Cornwall,,
,,Heywood Teague,Son,, 4,, , Grampound Cornwall,,

John Teague,Head,M,57,, Ag Lab, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Jane Teague,Wife,M,,59, Tailoress, Probus Cornwall,,
,,,Josiah Teague,Son,U,19,, Ag Lab, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Heywood Teague,Son,,14,, Scholar, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Henrietta Vincent, Grndau,,,4,Scholar, Grampound Cornwall,,

(1) The next generation: Henry Purdue, son of John and Jane Teague
Born 1829 Henry (Purdue) Teague, Head, M,31,, Ag Lab, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Ann Teague, Wife,M,,33,, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,John H Teague, Son,,8,, Scholar, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Charles H Teague, Son,,7,, Scholar, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Amelia A Teague, Dau,,,5, Scholar, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,William B Teague, Son,,3,,, Grampound Cornwall,,

Henry Teague, Head,M ,42,, Road Man, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Ann Teague, Wife, M,, 44,, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Charles Teague, Son, U,17,, Road Man, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Amelia Teague, Dau,,,15, Charwoman, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Thomas Teague,Son,,13,, Tanner, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Annie Teague,Dau,,,9 ,Scholar, Grampound Cornwall,,

Henry Teague, Head,W ,50, ,Insurance Agent, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Annie Teague ,Dau,S,, 19, Housekeeper ,Grampound Cornwall,,

Henry Teague, Head,M,59,,Agent To Prudential Assurance,,Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Susan Teague, Wife,M,,55,,, St Stephens  Brannel Cornwall,,

(2) The next generation: Ambrose, son of John and Jane

Born 1832 Ambrose Teague, Head,M, 28,, Ag Lab, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Mary J Teague, Wife, M,, 26,, Truro Cornwall,,
,,,Amelia J Teague, Dau,,,7, Scholar, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Ellen G Teague ,Dau,,,5, Scholar, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Ambrose G Teague, Son,,3,, Scholar, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Lavinia Teague,Dau,,,1,,Grampound Cornwall,,

1871 Ambrose died early in 1871, aged only 38
Mary J Teague, Head,W,,35, Pauper, Truro Cornwall,,
,,,Ambrose Teague, Son,,13,, Farmer's Boy, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Lavinia Teague, Dau,, ,11,Scholar, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Peter Teague, Son,,9,, Scholar,Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Matilda Teague, Dau,,,6, Scholar,Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Grace Teague, Dau,,,4, Scholar,Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,George Teague, Son,,4,, Scholar,Grampound Cornwall,,

1881 The widow of Ambrose has remarried with George Goodman
whose wife Mary Ann died in 1873 aged 37

George Goodman, Head,M,48,, Ag. Lab, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Mary J. Goodman, Wife,M,, 45, Post Messenger, Truro Cornwall,,
,,,Philip H. T. Goodman, Son,, 4,, Scholar, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Peter Teague, Sonlaw,S,19,, Ag Lab ,Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Grace Teague, Daulaw,S,,14, Scholar ,Grampound  Cornwall,,
,,,Louisa Teague, Daulaw,,,9, Scholar, Grampound Cornwall,,

,George Goodman, Head, M,57,, Tanner's Laborer, Employed, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Mary J. Goodman, Wife, M,,55, Rural P O  Messenger, Employed, Truro Cornwall,,
,,,Philip H. Teague,  Son in law,, 14,, Scholar,, Grampound Cornwall,,

(3) The next generation: Edmund, son of John and Jane.
He married in 1859. He then vanishes from England.
Born in 1837 Edmund Teague, Head, M,24,, Carpenter, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Harriet Teague,Wife,M,,24,,Tregony Cornwall,,

(4) The next generation: James, last son of John and Jane. He married Elizabeth Richards (from St. Stephens) in 1865.
He then moved to become a farmer of 40 acres at Downderry in St. Stephens

Born in 1840. James Teague, Head, M,30, ,Farm Laborer, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Elizabeth Teague,Wife,M,,31, Farm Laborer's Wife,St Stephens Cornwall,,
,,,Percy Teague,Son,,5, ,Scholar,Grampound Cornwall,, (See foot of column)
,,,Lilian Teague,Dau,,,3,Scholar,Grampound Cornwall,,

Dounderry,1,James Teague,  Head, M, 40,,  Farmer Of 34 Acres, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Elizabeth Teague, Wife,M,, 40,, St Stephens Cornwall,,
,,,Percy Teague, Son,S,15,,, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Lilian Teague, Dau,,,13,, Grampound Cornwall,,

Downderry,1,James Teague,Head, M, 50,, Farmer,, Creed Cornwall,,
,,,Elizabeth Teague, Wife,M,, 51,,, St Stephens Cornwall,,
,,,Percy Teague, Son,S, 25,, Farmers Son,, St Stephens Cornwall,,
,,,Lilian Teague, Dau,S,, 23,,, Creed Cornwall,,
,,,Wm Richards, Father-in-Law, W, 76,, Retired Farmer,, St Stephens Cornwall,,

See PDF image of census record
Downderry James Teague 60 etc
Elizabeth Teague 61 etc
Lilian Spinster 39
(William Dolly 25, Servant / Horseman on farm)
(See below, foot of column)

(5) The next generation: Josiah, son of John and Jane. He married in 1865.
He then vanishes from England
Born in 1842. Josiah Teague,Head,M,30,,Ag Lab, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Elizabeth Teague,Wife,M,,32,, Ruan Cornwall,,

(1) The 4th generation: John Henry Teague, son of Henry Purdue Teague and Ann
Born c 1852 John H. Teague, Head,M, 28,, Blacksmith Master Emp 1 Ap, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Elizabeth Teague, Wife,M,,27,, St Stephens Cornwall,,
,,,Thomas Teague, Son,,8,,Scholar, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Ethel A. Teague, Dau,,,1m,,Grampound Cornwall,,

John H. Teague, Head,M,36,, Blacksmith, Employer, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Lizabeth Teague, Wife,M,,37,,, St Stephens Brannel Cornwall,,
,,,Thomas Teague, Son,S,17,, Blacksmith, Employed, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Helena E. Teague, Dau, S,,16,,, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Ethel A. Teague,Dau,,,10, Scholar,, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Fred Teague, Son,,5,,Scholar,, Grampound Cornwall,, (my grandfather)
,,,Joseph S. Teague,Son,,3,,,,Grampound Cornwall,,

1901 See PDF image of census record
Percy, the only son of of
James, the last son of John and Jane, and Elizabeth Richards from St. Stephens, who married in 1865, is now married and living at Coombe, very near his parents' farm
Percy Teague 35 China stone quarryman born in Grampound (?)
Nina Teague 34 born in St. Stephens
Wilfred M Teague 5
Herbert S. Teague  4
George M. Teague.6 months

Brennel Mill Coombe Grampound Road
Parish St Stephen In Brannel

Percy Teague  45  Estimated Year of Birth 1866
Occupation Farmer  Place of Birth Cornwall St Stephen
Nena Teague Relationship to Head of Household Wife 44 Estimated Year of Birth 1867
Place of Birth Cornwall St Stephens

Wilfred Maurice Teague Son 15 Estimated Year of Birth 1896 Occupation Farm Servant General
Place of Birth Cornwall St Stephens
Herbert Stanley Teague Son 14 Estimated Year of birth 1897 Occupation Farm Servant General Place of Birth Cornwall St Stephens
George Melville Teague Son 10 Estimated Year of Birth 1901 Place of Birth Cornwall St Stephens
Hartley Fenwick Teague Son 7 Estimated Year of Birth 1904 Place of Birth Cornwall St Stephens
Henry Preston Teague Son 3 Estimated Year of Birth 1908 Place of Birth Cornwall St Stephens
Humphry James Teague Son 0 Estimated Year of Birth 1911 Place of Birth Cornwall St Stephens

[Born 1775] William Teague, Head, Widower, 78,, Farm Labourer, Grampound Cornwall,
Death of William Teague: early 1854

Is the William below the second William in the list of children above, born 1804, (the first William having died as an infant)? There seems no alternative, only the age is a bit wrong, the age given at the 1851 Census etc suggests he was born in 1807. [Also, who was the William Teague aged 17 who died in Creed in 1822 if not the second William above?] No other William Teague was born in the parish at this time. Perhaps he did not know how old he was?

The William Teague below married Harriet Luke in Creed on 25 April 1832. The 1851 etc Census records say he was born in Grampound.

William Teague,30,,Ag Lab,
,,Harriot Teague,,40,,In county,
,,William Teague,4,,,In county,
,,Ann Teague,,5,,In county,

William Teague ,Head, M,44,,Farm Labourer, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,Hariet Teague, Wife,M,,48,, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,Charlotte Teague,Dau,U,,17,,Grampound Cornwall,,
,,William H Teague,Son,U,14, ,App Shoemaker, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,Philip Luke, Ftrlaw,W,84,, Retired Farm Labourer, Grampound Cornwall,,

William Teague,Head,M,54,,Ag Lab,Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Harriet Teague,Wife,M,,58,Tailoress,Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Charlotte A Teague,Dau,U,,28,,Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Wlliam H Teague,Son,U,24,,Cordwainder Employs 2 Men,Grampound Cornwall,,

William Teague,Head,W,64,, Carter At A Mill, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Charlotte A Teague,Dau,U,,38,,Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,William H Teague,Son,U,34,,Cordwainer Emp 1m, Grampound Cornwall,,

1881 The 3nd generation, the unmarried son and daughter stayed living together after their father died in 1879.
William H. Teague,Head,S,42,,Bootmaker Employing 1 Man,Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Annie Teague, Sister,S,,47, ,Grampound Cornwall,,

William H. Teague, Head,S,54,,Boot Maker, Employer, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Charlotte A. Teague,Sister,S,,58,,,Grampound Cornwall,,

Born in 1796 John Teague,45,,Agricultural Labourer,
,,Maria Teague,,43,,In county,
,,Ann Teague,,18,,In county,
,,Isabella Teague,,16,,In county,
,,John Teague,10,,,In county,
,,Edward Teague,4,,,In county,
,,Mary J. Teague,,2,,In county,

John Teague, Head,M,55,, Gardener, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,Maria Teague, Wife,M,,53,, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,Ann Teague,Dau, U,, 28,, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,John Teague,Son, U,18,, Tanner's Labourer, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,Edward Teague, Son,,14,, At Home, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,Mary Jane Teague, Dau,,, 12, Scholar, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,Kitty Teague, Dau,,,9, Scholar, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,Nicholas Teague, Grnson,,2,,, Grampound Cornwall,,

John Teague, Head, W,66,, Gardener (Jobber), Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Ann Teague, Dau, U,, 41,, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,John Teague, Son, U, 29,, Tanner, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Nicholas Harris, Grnson,,12,, Ag Lab (Boy), St Austell Cornwall,,

1871 Father living with married daughter. He died in 1873.
Richard Philp, Head,M,32,, Colt Trainer, Mevagissey Cornwall,,
,,,Mary J Philp, Wife,M,,31,, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,John Teague, Father in law, W,76,, Gardener, Grampound Cornwall,,

1861 The next generation: son
Edward Teague Head, M,24,, Tanner, Grampound  Cornwall,,
,,,Jane Teague, Wife, M,, 22,, Nantegloss Cornwall,,
,,,Frances E Teague, Dau,,,1,, Grampound Cornwall,,

Edward then left Grampound and at the 1871 Census was living in Okehampton (still a tanner) with 4 daughters born in Grampound, and a son born in Perranaworthal (?)
,John Teague,65,,Agricultural Labourer,
,,Ann Teague,,65,,In county,

1851 Anne died in 1848. This must be her widower but why is he not living with any of his children?
John Teague,Lodger, Widower,79,,
"Pauper, Once Farm Labourer", Probus Cornwall,,

Born in 1802 John Teague,39,,Shoe Maker,
,,Emma Teague,,37,,In county,
,,Ann Teague,,13,,In county,
,,John Teague,5,,,In county, (died 1843)

John Teague,Head,M,49,,Shoe Maker Etc., Grampound Cornwall,,
,,Emma Teague,Wife,M,,48,,Tregony Cornwall,,
,,Ann Teague,Dau,U,,23, Farm Labourer, Grampound Cornwall,,

John Teague,Head,M,59,,Ag Lab, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Emma Teague,Wife, M,,58,, Tregoney Cornwall,,

John Teague,Head,M,69, ,Butcher & Dairyman, Grampound Cornwall,,
,,,Emma Teague,Wife,M,,68,,Tregony Cornwall,,
,,,John (Henry) Teague, Grandson, U,18, ,Blacksmith, Grampound Cornwall, (My great-grandfather from Family 1, staying with his mother's parents)

1881 He died later that same year
John Teague, Head,W,78,, Formerly Butcher, Grampound Cornwall,

The only other Teagues living in Grampound in the 19th century were poor folk, the father originally born in Probus.

Born in c1776 Thomas Teague,65,,Road Labourer,,
,,Maria Teague,,35,,In county,
,,Eliza Teague,,11,,In county,

Thomas Teague, Head,W,77,," Pauper, Late Farm Labourer" ,Probus Cornwall,,
,,Maria Teague, Dau,U, ,47,, Grampound Cornwall,,

1,Maria Teague,Head,U,,58,Work In The Fields,Grampound Cornwall,,

Maria Teague, Head,U, 68,, Pauper Form'ly worster spinr, Grampound

Maria Teague,Head,U,,77,Formerly A Wool Spinner,Grampound Cornwall,,

A Teague from a different part of Cornwall came to live briefly in his wife's home, but did not stay

Henry Teague,Head,M,25,, Blacksmith, St Ewe Cornwall,,
,,,Sophia Teague, Wife,M,,23, House Keeper, Creed Cornwall,,
,,,Emily Teague, Dau,,,2,,Creed Cornwall,,