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A tricycle

  A tricycle belonging to one of the neighbour's children is always out on the landing in front of my study door. Friends who often come to visit me are inclined to joke, 'Surely it's time you took to riding a two-wheeled bike?'

  As a matter of fact, I have never ridden either a tricycle or a bicycle. For when we were children, tricycles had not made their appearance, and when my elder brother was in major seminary he knocked down a pregnant woman with his bike and our father forbade us to ride them.

  Thinking of that, I suddenly realize that this is the only instance where I have acted strictly in accordance with my father's words and teaching from my childhood days until now. And what's more, there's not one of God's Ten Commandments that I have properly obeyed and kept, either,

  and soon now I'll be meeting them. How shall I dare face them?!