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Old children

  As a digression to a poem:
  The fact that in the previous poem I described a dream in which I had become the head of the KCIA was mentioned by one friend at a meeting of our 'old children' group and each of them had something to say:

--  Hey, do you write so thoughtlessly because you want to be arrested for nothing?
--  My dear, are you already doting? You're talking nonsense.
--  A poet as head of the CIA, there's a fine idea!
--  Even if it's only a dream, it's disgraceful!
--  Writing that in a poem, you should be ashamed!
--  It's the end! Even a so-called poet has got so twisted!
--  Doesn't it mean that the world as it is is unsatisfactory?

  Listening to so many differing opinions, I could only laugh, smiling blissfully like a child having fun because a trick has worked and people have fallen for it.