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Touching scenes


That one is coming near hippity-hop
with quick steps.

That one is going off slip-slop
dragging his feet.

That one is beaming ha-ha
happy smiles.

That one is sitting grrr
all huddled up.

They are all getting worked up
at the thought of becoming president...

I am observing them all hmmm


In an evening sky that has descended lower
than the nearby 63-storey building
the waning moon of early winter
hangs so very lonely.

On the 11th floor veranda of an apartment
one old poet, having gazed out for a while,
humming a line about 'The old site of a ruined castle'
withdraws into his home,
leaving the moon all alone.

Note: "The old site..." is the title and the first line of a well-known Korean song. (Trans.)