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Poetic feeling

Each month for this series
I select bits of idle chatter such as this
and turn out things called poems,

so that one young poet, perhaps finding it rather odd,
observed, "Then it seems there is absolutely nothing
in the whole world that is not a poem?"

Right! There is nothing
in the world, to be sure,
that is not a poem.

From humanity on down,
in every thing and every act,
all that is true and good and beautiful
is all poem.

More than that, in every person
and in every thing and in every act
the good, the beautiful, the true dwells.

And it is written that where sin increases
God's grace increases all the more.

Discovering that,
and then like a child
savoring and enjoying it,
is to be a poet.

Note: "Where sin increases... ":  Romans 5:20.