The RAS Korea Library

The RAS library is housed in the RAS office.

The entire library catalogue

The catalogue follows the Library of Congress system

Here's a general explanation of LC call numbers

A large number of the RAS Library's books cover the areas of Korean Religion, History and Literature. Books in those areas are also listed in separate files.

A General Works -- includes encycolpedias, almanacs, indexes

B-BJ Philosophy, Psychology

BL-BX Religion

C History -- includes archaeology, genealogy, biography

D History -- general and eastern hemisphere

DS -- Korean History

E-F History -- America (western hemisphere)

G Geography, Maps, Anthropology, Recreation

H Social Science

J Political Science

K Law (general)

KD Law of the United Kingdom and Ireland

KE Law of Canada

KF Law of the United States

L Education

M Music

N Fine Arts -- includes architecture, sculpture, painting, drawing

P-PA General Philosophy and Linguistics, Classical Languages, and Literature

PB-PH Modern European Languages

PG Russian Literature

PJ-PM Languages and Literature of Asia, Africa, Oceania, American Indian Languages, Artificial Languages

PN-PZ General Literature, English and American Literature, Fiction in English, Juvenile Literature


 PL -- Korean Literature

PQ -- French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese Literature


 PT -- German, Dutch, and Scandinavian Literature

Q Science -- includes physical and biological sciences, math, computers

R Medicine -- includes health and human sexuality

S Agriculture

T Technology -- inluces engineering, auto mechanics, photography, home economics

U Military Science

V Naval Science

Z Bibliography, Library Science