Class Presentation materials

March 18: Group 1Group 2Group 3, Group 4,

March 20: Group 1,   Group 2,  Group 3Group 4Group 5

March 27: Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4Group 5Br A

Assignments April 8, 15, 17: English texts (MS Word files)  Group 1Group 2Group 3, [The Killers full text] Group 4Group5,
Completed translations (Web pages) Group 1: The Killers 01; Group 2: The Killers 02; Group 3: The Killers 03; Group 4: A Clean, Well-lighted Place; Group 5: A Cat in the Rain

The Assignments for the next 3/4 weeks (May 1, 8, 15, 20) are radio dramas written 50 or more years ago, before TV existed. Four are cowboy dramas (the Lone Ranger and Matt Dillon) and one is a detective thriller (The Saint). In a radio drama, everything has to be communicated through music, sound-effects, and above all through spoken, acted dialogue. The words in the dialogue have to be in the right style for the character, and show the character's social / ethnic identity clearly. Each group will translate a complete episode. First, each group has to print out the text (for May 1 class). On May 1, you must read the whole script aloud together in order to feel it as a drama. Then start to translate the opening lines together, and divide the script into sections for initial translation. On May 8 work in groups of 2 or 3 polishing the drafts. On May 15 polish and improve the quality of the dialogues so that they come alive in Korean, finding ways of representing colloquial speech. On May 20 we will listen to group members reading their scripts. Each person is to prepare a diary of this project. Here are texts and translations in MSWord files.

Group 1: The Lone Ranger  [Korean version]
Group 2: Gunsmoke  [Korean version]
Group 3: The Lone Ranger  [Korean version
Group 4: The Saint  [Korean version]
Group 5: The Lone Ranger  [Korean version]

Assignment for May 27-29 : Each student selects 3-4 poems by different poets from the many poems in this file. On Wednesday May 20 I will pass round a list of titles and you will choose 2 that you will translate, nobody translating the same poem. For the class on May 27, bring enough copies of the original and your translation for all your group members.   At the same time write a detailed report on the translation of your poems, and of poetry in general.

Poems translated collected by Group: Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4Group 5.

Last Assignment

A regular column in the Korea Times attempts to 'translate' aspects of Korean culture into English in a critical manner. The articles are mainly intended for a non-Korean readership although they are about Korea. Each student will translate 1 of these columns, discuss the translation and the contents of the article with the other members of the group, and then write a final report (of corresponding length) on the topic "Translating words, translating cultures" which should begin by discussing (in English, please) how your text would have to be 'translated' in order to communicate with a Korean readership, then continue to explore the theme in connection with the various exercises completed this semester, and theories of transcultural communication in general. The report is due on the day set for the Final Exam (there is no separate exam).
Before beginning to translate, each student must summarize all the main ideas of the text in a single 5 or 6-line paragraph, in English and in Korean, as an exercise in paraphrase (for class on Friday June 5). It is suggested that the order of names and topics be taken as indicating who translates which piece.

Group 1 (이정심, 김정현, 김수진, 박단비, 유혜원) Han, Justice, Uri Nara, Nation, Patriotism
Group 2 (김남원, 김민정, 유희종, 한연주, 허기열) Kimchi, Internet, English, God, Happiness
Group 3:  (오경은, 이지선, 이경용, 정다미, 김영경, 박소현) Truth, Culture, Fakes, Conversations, Koreanness, Han
Group 4 (김유정, 배윤미, 송한아, 정기쁨, 허은지) Justice, Uri Nara, Nation, Patriotism, Kimchi,
Group 5 (김진영, 박재인, 박화영, 양재성, 이미선, 이수라, 이후로, 차승민) English, God, Happiness, Truth, Culture, Fakes, Conversations,