Philip Edward Phillips, Adaptations of Dante’s Commedia in Popular American Fiction and Film.  pp. 197~212 (16 pages)


Dante’s Commedia remains a popular source of inspiration for popular American writers and filmmakers since being introduced to a broader base of American readers by poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in 1867. This paper examines some aspects of Dante’s influence on the The Dante Club (2003), What Dreams May Come (1998), and Seven (1995), all of which works creatively adapt and reinterpret Dante’s vision of sin and its resulting “counterpoise,” in the lives and afterlives of their respective characters. The scenarios represented in the novel, The Dante Club, and the films, What Dreams May Come and Seven, recast Dante’s allegorical visions in order to address questions concerning justice and order in the postmodern world.  
 저자 키워드  Key words
 Dante Alighieri, Inferno, Purgatorio, The Dante Club, What Dreams May Come, Seven, Dante in American popular culture