Hong Won Suh, Philip Sidney’s Poetical Rhetoric in Astrophil and Stella. pp. 243~258 (16 pages)


 My aim in this paper is to approach Sidney’s Astrophil and Stella through the now largely ignored art of rhetoric and thus recuperate some of the lost implications of frequently anthologized poems like Sonnet 1. In the sonnet sequence I detect a struggle between Sidney’s desire to preserve an ideal (in the form of Stella) and a competing desire to communicate that earlier desire through a medium of communication that makes preservation of that ideal impossible. En route, I discuss issues of the classification of rhetoric and its parts in relation to the sister arts of logic and poetics. I conclude that Astrophil and Stella, the first sonnet sequence in English literature, embodies an openly concealed game of hide-and-seek between rhetoric and poetics in Sidney’s new model of poetical rhetoric.

저자 키워드  Key words
 Philip Sidney, Astrophil and Stella, rhetoric, poetics, wit, wonder, lyric, sonnet sequence