Nakyoung Lee,   “A Love Much More Vehement”  - Reconsidering Male Friendship in the Old Arcadia   pp. 59~73 ( 15 pages)


This essay aims to aims to demonstrate how Sidney’s Arcadia disturbs and challenges the dominant ideology on sexuality and gender. Being an exceptionally complex work with multilayered tones and shifting perspectives especially on the matters of gender and sexuality, it praises masculine friendship as a heroic ideal that supports the ideal patriarchal order while its presentation of romance subtly problematizes and disturbs order through the friendship between the protagonists. The romance displays the destructive effect of the love for a woman in contrast to the love between men, based on the contemporary misogynistic cultural context, but it also reveals the gender ideology working behind those discursive structure and criticizes, if briefly, the ideals of masculine homosociality. 
 저자 키워드  Key words
 The Old Arcadia, friendship, romance, homosociality, gender ideology, Philip Sidney.