CFT and Integrability

In Memory Of Alexei Zamolodchikov

Seoul, South Korea, 16-20 December 2013

alexei Zamolodchikov

At the time of this conference, six years will have passed since Alexei Zamolodchikov left us. The extraordinary itinerary of Alyosha Zamolodchikov in Theoretical Physics was marked by several major discoveries which influenced the work of a whole generation of physicists active in the different domains of quantum field theory and mathematical physics. In particular he was the first, together with his brother Alexander, to construct exact scattering matrices in two-dimensional quantum field theory. Moreover he demonstrated how these scattering matrices allowed building up a systematic approach to integrable models at finite temperature. He regularly and thoroughly contributed to the development of Liouville string theory - the key model for the understanding of the most fundamental aspects of string theory and two-dimensional quantum gravity.

Alyosha Zamolodchikov judged his own work by unusually high standards and his published papers reflect only a tiny part of his work. The papers he wrote carried both powerful ideas and mathematical elegance. He left behind a mass of unfinished projects, most of them now lost forever.


  • Ahn, Changrim (Ewha Womans University, Korea)
  • Belavin, Alexander (Landau Institute, Russia)
  • Ivan, Kostov (Saclay, France)
  • Lee, Kimyeong (KIAS, Korea)
  • Rim, Chaiho (Sogang University, Korea)

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No. First name Last name Institution Position
1 Gilberto Nascimento
Santos Filho
Ewha Womans University(IEU), Korea Postdoc
2 Yang Zhou Sogang University, Korea Postdoc
3 Yumi Ko Humboldt University, Germany Postdoc
4 Heeyeon Kim Seoul National University, Korea Ph.D student
5 Seungjin LEE Sogang University, Korea Masters student
6 Jean-Emile Bourgine APCTP, Korea Postdoc
7 Corneliu Sochichiu Gist, Korea Assistant Professor
8 Andreas Gustafsson University of Seoul, Korea Postdoc
9 Vladimir Mitev Humboldt University, Germany Postdoc
10 Nils Kanning Humboldt University, Germany Ph.D student
11 Seung-Joo Lee KIAS, Korea Postdoc
12 Sang kwan Choi Sogang university, Korea Student
13 Hwa-jin Um Sogang university, Korea Student
14 Daeho Ro Sogang university, Korea Student
15 Wonyoung Cho Sogang university, Korea Student
16 Kyoung-ho Cho Postech, Korea Student
17 Shigenori Seki Hanyang University, Korea Postdoc
18 Min-Young Choi KIAS, Korea Postdoc
19 Pyotr Zamolodchikov Student
20 Igor Shenderovich Seoul National University, Korea Postdoc
21 Joonho Kim Seoul National University, Korea Ph.D student
22 Rak-Kyeong Seong KIAS, Korea Research Fellow
23 Sung-Soo Kim KIAS, Korea Postdoc
24 Jungmin Kim Seoul National University, Korea Ph.D student
25 Wonwoo Lee CQUeST, Sogang University, Korea Research Professor
26 Futoshi Yagi KIAS, Korea Postdoc
27 Dong-wook Kim Seoul National University, Korea Student
28 Youngbin Yun Seoul National University, Korea Student
29 Sung Yeop Lee Seoul National University, Korea Student
30 Sang-Woo Kim KIAS, Korea Research Fellow
31 Hyeonjoon Shin KIAS, Korea Research Fellow
32 Yoonji Suh Sogang University, Korea Student
33 Sung Moon Ko Sogang University, Korea Student
34 BooGyeong Zoo Seoul National University, Korea Ph.D student
35 Jinbeom Bae Seoul National University, Korea G.Student
36 Junyeong Ahn Seoul National University, Korea Student
37 Takao Suyama IEU, Korea Postdoc
38 Hoil Kim Kyungpook University, Korea Professor
39 Marian Stanishkov IEU, Korea Professor
40 Dongsu Bak University of Seoul, Korea Professor
41 Plamen Bozhilov IEU, Korea Professor
42 Zhaolong Wang KIAS, Korea Postdoc
43 O-Kab Kwon IEU, Korea Postdoc
44 Shinsuke Kawai SKKU, Korea Professor
45 Imatk Jeon KIAS, Korea Postdoc
46 Daisuke Yokoyama Seoul National University, Korea Postdoc
47 Kanghoon Lee CQUeST, Korea Postdoc
48 Kyung Kiu Kim CQUeST, Korea Postdoc
49 Dongmin Gang KIAS, Korea Postdoc
50 Nakwoo Kim Kyung Hee University, Korea Professor
51 Hyun Seok Yang CQUeST, Korea R. Professor
52 Yunseok Seo Hanyang University, Korea Postdoc
53 Inyong Park Philander Simth, USA Professor
54 Gansukh Tumurtyshaa Sogang University, Korea Student
55 Hiroyuki Kitamoto Seoul National University, Korea Postdoc
56 Subong Yoo Seoul National University, Korea Student
57 Miok Park CQUeST, Korea Postdoc


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Kawai Kazakov Matsuo Staudacher Bajnok


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Nakayama Gromov Rittenberg Nepomechie Park


Flume Kim Janik Pakulyak Belavin


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