There are about 79 student clubs currently at Sogang University. These are all located in the Student Union Hall (C Hall). Students can join various clubs according to their interests such as Korean traditional music, sports, religious, art, and volunteer service clubs and participate in activities with Sogang students. For more information about student clubs and activities, stop by the Office of Student Affairs located in the Student Union Hall. International students may be interested in the following clubs:

ISF (International Student Fellowship)
ISF has been established to help international students studying in Korea regardless of their nationality, race, religion, and sex through fellowship. Through various programs hosted by ISF, students will have an opportunity to come in contact with Korean students, family, and Korean companies.

* link to ISF Website

HUG (Hands Up for Gathering)
HUG wants to help international students studying at Sogang University understand and adjust to the Korean culture and learn the Korean language. International students and Sogang students participate in many activities such as occasionally going on field trips and traveling outside of Seoul throughout Korea. International students interested in taking part in the "Korean experience" with Sogang students are welcome anytime. Come join us!

* Link to HUG Website

Student's Club in Sogang Univ.
AD College Film Community Scuba YPOS Sogang ELM
Albatross Football Club Sisa Sogang Headong
Astronomy Gangmi SK Photo Sogang Navigators
Baseball Hemyung SLUG Sogang Ski
Basketball IVF Smash Sogang UBF
Black Box ISF Sogang AIESEC Sogang UNSA
Buma of Sogang Keglers Sogang Alpine Club SoRiMungChi
CAVA Kinsech Sogang Baduk SonjitSarang
Catholic Thoma Korean Martial Arts Sogang CAM Soye
Chamber Ensemble LENS Sogang CBA Taekwondo
Chamuri MASU-Z Sogang CCC Tal World
Classic Guitar Maekbak Sogang CHANCE Tennis Club
CPUS Momzit Sognag Chorus YoungBe
Dance s.h.o.c.k Nogo Literature Sogang Computer Club YWAM
Ecosys Poe Sogang Drama 21C Hermit
Emilles PTP Sogang Followers