Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena
(Visual Illusions)


Motion & Time

  "Stepping feet" illusion – strong, beautiful and easy to understand  
Motion Induced Blindness Illusion
  Motion Induced Blindness – an unexplained optical illusion of disappearing
Kinetic Depth Effect, Autokinetic
  Stereokinetic Phenomenon – an optical illusion of 3D from motion (aka  'kinetic depth effect')  
  "Rotating Snake" Illusion – with a new explanatory twist
  Pinna-Brelstaff Illusion  
Motion Adaptation, Waterfall Illusion
  Motion Aftereffect – also known as "waterfall effect"
Reverse Spoke Illusion
  Spoke Illusion – a motion illusion + an unexpected (?) aftereffect  
Ramp Illusion
  Stroboscopic Artifacts  –  making a teaching point out of a nuisance
Sigma Illusion
  Sigma Motion – an optical illusion due to an interaction of image dynamics and eye movements  
Biological Motion
  Biological Motion – very beautiful class of visual illusions
  Flash-lag Effect – moving and stationary objects perceived at different times?  
Ramp Illusion
  Ramp Aftereffect – an aftereffect in time
  Enigma by Isia Levient  
Reverse Phi Illusion
  Reverse Phi Motion – something for the specialist
  "Stepping feet" illusion 2 – radial version of "Stepping feet 1", weaker  
Motion Bounce Illusion
  Motion-Bounce Illusion – sound influencing perception of motion (crossmodal)

Luminance & Contrast

Grid Illusions
  Hermann's Grid & Scintillating Grid – fleeting luminance illusions  
Induced Grating Illusion
  Induced grating – classical brightness contrast
Koffka Luminance Illusion
  Wertheimer-Koffka-Ring – pitting Gestalt vs. lateral inhibition  
Simultaneous Contrast Illusion
  Simultaneous Contrast – here dynamic
Munker-White Illusion
  Munker-White Illusion – contrary to lateral inhibition  
Adelson Brightness Illusion
  Adelson's "Corrugated Plaid" – context affecting brightness
  Adelsons's "Checker Shadow" illusion – more context affecting brightness  
  Contast Gain Control
Contrast Illusion
  Contrast Constancy –  further demonstrating space-average-based contrast gain control  




Illusions at equiluminance
  Structure from motion – fails at equiluminance  
Benham Top Color Illusion
  Benham's Top – colour from spatio-temporal patterns
Neon Illusion
  Neon Color Spreading        

Geometric- & Angle Illusions

Hering Illusions
  Hering Illusion – and other angular interactions  
Poggendorff Illusion
  Poggendorff Illusion – a classical geometric optical illusions with a new twist
Frazer Illusion
  Frazer's Spiral  
Cafe Wall Illusion
  "Café Wall" Illusion

Size Constancy

Müller-Lyer Illusion
  Müller-Lyer Illusion – test your bisection accuracy  
Moon Illusion
  Moon illusion

Cognitive- / Gestalt Effects

Blur Illusion
  Blur & picture content – spatial filtering (or high frequency masking)  
Blur Illusion
  No... – blur & figure-ground reversal
Kanisza Illusion
  Kanisza's Triangle – depends on context  
Blotted Letter Illusion
  Blotted letters – Gestalt completion

What's special about faces?

Hollow Face Illusion
  Rotating face mask – hollow faces  
Thatcher Illusion
  The "Thatcher Illusion" – inverted faces lose their emotional message

Materials here are retrieved and reproduced
from Michael Bach's for academic use.



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