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Welcome to NanoBiosystems and Manipulation  Laboratory

NBSM is working towards development of bioinspired and biohybrid systems using micro/nanotechnology. Current interests are development of intelligent theragnostic bacteria based biomedical microrobot (Bacteriobot), biolgoically inspired colorimetric nanobiosensor, cell separation devices using dielectrophoresis, MEMS-based power generation system by cardiomyocytes and microengineered platforms for cell mechanobiology


    Aug. 16, 2012 Prof. Park gave an invited presentation at 5th MicrotechWorld 2012 in Nano Korea


    Aug. 2012 Congrats!! A paper was accepted for publicaiton in Lab on a Chip (dedicated to Emerging Investigators): Concentration gradient generation of multiple chemicals using spatially controlled self-assembly of particles in microchannels


    Mar. 2012 Our lab works are introduced in Seoul economy (서울경제) Link1 Link2


Mar. 2012 Congrats!! A paper was accepted for publication in Sensors and Actuators B: Chemicals: Label-free specific detection of immunoglobulin G antibody using nanoporous hydrogel photonic crystals


    Jan. 2012 Eunpyo and Hyung-Kwan presented their work in MEMS 2012, Paris, France


Oct. 2011 Congrats!! A paper was accepted for publicaiton in Lab on a Chip : Quantitatively controlled in situ formation of hydrogel membranes in microchannels for generation of stable chemical gradients


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