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  Welcome to NanoBiosystems and Manipulation  Laboratory

NBSM is working towards development of bioinspired and biohybrid systems using micro/nanotechnology. Current interests are development of intelligent theragnostic bacteria based biomedical microrobot (Bacteriobot), biologically inspired colorimetric nanobiosensor, cell separation devices using dielectrophoresis, MEMS-based power generation system by cardiomyocytes and microengineered platforms for cell mechanobiology



 Current Research Projects

     Investigation of various fluorescent protein–DNA binding peptides for effectively visualizing large DNA molecules

     High Current Ionic Diode Using Homogeneously Charged Asymmetric Nanochannel Network Membrane

     Self-assembled Particle Membranes for In situ Concentration and Chemostat-like Cultivation of Microorganisms on a Chip

     Smart Contact lens embedding a colorimetric pressure sensor for monitoring glaucoma

     Colorimetric Biosensing using Photonic Crystals


NanoBiosystems and Manipulation Laboratory
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Sogang University
Sinsudong, Mapogu, Seoul, Korea 121-742, Tel +82-2-701-7075