Research Background

  One of the important aspects of chemistry is to organize building blocks into larger entities and to seek practical applications of the produced new objects. The building blocks in chemistry can be classified into three categories. namely, into primary, secondary, and tertiary according to the origin. For instance, as shown in Table 1, atoms can be classified as the primary building blocks (PBBs) since they produce molecules through chemical interconnection. Molecules then become the secondary building blocks (SBBs) since chemical interconnection of them leads to production of even larger entities such as polymers or macromolecules, supramolecules. and the systems of molecules. However there have no efforts to organize the resulting polymers, supramolecules, and the systems of molecules by well defined chemical linkages as a means to produce even larger 3D entities of novel physicochemical properties by viewing them as the tertiary building blocks (TBBs). Our research center has focused to develop the concept of chemistry of TBBs and to utilize the resulting larger new 3D entities as new useful materials and devices.

Table 1. Type of Building Blocks and the Corresponding Products.
Classification Type Products
Primary Atoms Molecules
Secondary Molecules Macromolecules
  Systems of molecules
Tertiary Macromolecules Supramacromolecules
Supramolecules Supercrystals
Systems of molecules Superlattices